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Paper presentations: Session 2


How can ICT and innovative connectivity be an enabler for sustainable development?


Prof. Ghada Bassioni (Ain Shaims University, Cairo)


  1. Assessing the e-readiness of marginalised communities for E-government services: A case of Oniipa, Namibia – Karin Fröhlich ( Aalto University, Namibia/Finland)
  2. Vulnerability analysis in mobile banking and payment applications on Android in African countries – Didier Bassolé (Universita Joseph Ki-Zerbo, Burkina Faso)
  3. Consolidating the right to data protection in the information age: A comparative appraisal of the adoption of the OECD guidelines into the EU GDPR, the Ghanaian Data Protection Act 2012 and the Kenyan Data Protection Bill 2019 – Rogers Alunge (University of Bologna, Italy)
  4. An opportunistic communication and computing infrastructure for End-2-End support to agriculture in rural Africa – Dr Assane Gueye (Carnagie Mellon University Africa, Rwanda)