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Gala Entertainment – Zumba Class

Claudia Iskandar

My name is Claudia Iskandar, 48 years old, born in Bavaria, Germany to my German mom; and raised in Cairo, Egypt, the homeland of my dad. I grew up in a multi-cultural society and went to a German school where I was taught 4 languages. At the age of 24, I married into an Armenian-Greek family and moved 5 years later with my husband and my 2 young sons to Montreal, Canada. A decade and a half later, when my sons were about to go their own ways, I discovered my passion for dancing. Over the years, sports and workout have been constantly included into my busy weeks, even before immigrating to the West. The times spent exercising have always served as a positive mean to control my stress and enhance my mood.

When Zumba came along, I fell in love with it on “second” sight. It was the spark to a completely new journey for me. I became a certified Zumba instructor and a member of the ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network), and suddenly I found myself teaching instead of attending classes. A few years after, I started talking lessons in Salsa, Bachata and Social Dance in general. The whole Latin culture with its music and its dances became so fascinating to me, that I decided 3 years ago to learn the language itself. My enthusiasm for dancing, sports and mental wellness are so immense, that I feel an unwavering urge to share it. Before the pandemic I was teaching at several gyms in Montreal which are now not fully open yet. Currently I teach Zumba and Toning classes from home instead. Zumba and sports will remain a part-time occupation for me, just to keep my own passion aflame.

About the class?

Zumba fitness classes incorporate Latin and International dance steps along with Aerobics to music for a fun cardiovascular and muscular workout. The routines of Latin and International songs feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. On my playlist I will include Latin, Oriental, Indian and Fusion Songs that also include African beats. Sports and Dance have always united countries; and now Music is tending towards the same direction. Recently, we have been seeing songs that combine different beats from different countries. Those songs became very trendy. A good example is one of the songs that I will be instructing during the event. The song is called “Salsa”. It is a Fusion of House, Afro, HipHop and Salsa. I am looking forward to sharing my passion with you.

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